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Thumbs Up – help
Using your Thumbs Up


Thumbs Up is an accessory thumb rest that enables you to hold your Leica M or Fuji X camera or Sony RX1RII with improved balance, comfort, and security. You won't believe the difference that Thumbs Up makes! Your compositions will be more consistent, your photographs sharper; and the secure grip when holding your camera provides peace of mind. Thumbs Up users report being able to take hand-held shots at 1–2 stops slower shutter speeds.


Designed initially for the Leica M8, Thumbs Up is also found on many film Leica M cameras as well as Fuji X series and the Sony RX1RII. 

Thumbs Up is manufactured to an exceptionally high standard, and is CNC machined from solid brass and hand polished. The final finish is a baked enamel that will perfectly match the color of your Leica or Fuji or Sony camera.
Thumbs Up ships with silicone rubber insert –  and adds 0.5 mm of padding between Thumbs Up and the camera body. A portion of this silicone rubber insert has to be removed when using Thumbs Up on film Leicas, to accommodate the flash sync socket – the original plastic Leica sync socket cap can be refitted.
Thumbs Up have been designed for the following cameras. 

         • Thumbs Up EP-1S, EP-3S – Leica M9-P, M9, M8U, M8.2, M8, M6, M7,             MP, M4, M3, M2, M-A

         • Thumbs Up CSEP-1S, CSEP-4S – Leica M9-P, M9, M8U, M8.2, M8,                 M6, M7, MP, M4, M3 and M2, M7 and M6 TTL, M-A


         • Thumbs Up CSEP-2 – Leica X1 and Fuji X100 and Fuji X-Pro-1, Sony               RX1


         • Thumbs Up CSEP-10S – Leica M240. M246, M262 

         • Thumbs Up EP-2S   – Fuji X100s

         • Thumbs Up EP-2T   – Fuji X100T

         • Thumbs Up EP-3S   – Leica M9 and older M's

         • Thumbs Up EP-5S   – Fuji X100, X100s

         • Thumbs Up EP-6S   – Fuji X-E1. X-E2

         • Thumbs Up EP-7S   – Fuji X-Pro 1

         • Thumbs Up EP-8S   – Leica X2

         • Thumbs Up EP-9S   – Fuji X-E1, X-E2

         • Thumbs Up EP-10S – Leica M240, M246, M262 

         • Thumbs Up EP-12T – Leica T701

         • Thumbs Up EP-SL   – Leica SL

         • Thumbs Up EP-SQ   – Leica SQ

         • Thumbs Up EP-SQ2 – Leica SQ

         • Thumbs Up EP-XP2 – Fuji X-Pro 2

         • Thumbs Up EP-1R2 – Sony RX1RII

         • Thumbs Up EP-MX   – Leica M10

         • Thumbs Up EP-MXF – Leica M10



Thumbs Up slips into the accessory shoe of your camera with a firm push – if you have never used your accessory shoe, the fit may seem tight, but, rest assured, this is as intended by the design. The CS ("cold shoe") models have an additional screw locking mechanism, to prevent the movement of Thumbs Up when removing and installing external viewfinders.



Choosing your Thumbs Up model


Thumbs Up is available in two different lengths: model CSEP-1S and EP-1S are shorter than the EP-3S by 15 mm.


The EP-5S is 12mm shorter than the EP-2S. The EP-2S is actually one year newer than the EP-5S.


So, which length should you choose? The answer is not clear cut, as personal preference plays a large part. Both lengths can be used comfortably by everyone, and you will not be disappointed whichever model you buy. However, we offer some guidance below.


In addition to different lengths, Thumbs Up is available with and without a cold shoe. The models without a cold shoe (Thumbs Up EP-1S and EP-3S) are ideal for Leica M users that do not often use accessories such as flash guns or external viewfinders – not only are these models less expensive than the cold shoe models but they have a flatter, more discrete profile. The cold shoe (CS) models (CSEP-1S, CSEP-2 and CSEP-4S) have single or twin cold shoes, allowing external viewfinders and other accessories to be mounted on the Thumbs Up.


None of our current Thumbs Up models has a hot shoe, so Thumbs Up needs to be removed to use a flash.


The "EP" designation denotes "ergonomic profile": EP grips have an advanced profile for increased comfort and more uniform distribution of gripping pressure.



Thumbs Up  EP-1S
Thumbs Up EP-1S, EP-10S and CSEP-1S have the shortest thumb rest: 15 mm shorter than EP-3S. It is ideal for photographers with large hands and a wide grasp. For those using heavy lenses such as the Noctilux, EP-1S offers additional leverage, support, and stability compared with EP-3S.
The curved end of the EP-1S and EP-10S grip aligns with the shutter release button, and closely duplicates the support position offered by the film advance lever on film Leica M cameras. So, if you're used to steadying your camera with the film advance lever, Thumbs Up EP-1S, EP-10S or CSEP-1S will feel like an old friend!
However, you may find a narrower grasp more comfortable, with your thumb placed past the shutter release button, closer to the right side of the camera: Thumbs Up EP-3S was designed for you.
If you're unsure whether EP-1S, EP-10S or EP-3S or CSEP-1S will suit you best, have a play with a film camera with an advance lever. Better, a local dealermay stock Thumbs Up for you to try.  
Thumbs Up EP-3S
Thumbs Up EP-3S has the longest thumb rest: 15 mm longer than Thumbs Up EP-1S. It is ideal for photographers with small hands or for those preferring a narrower grasp. Note: TU-EP-1S is recommended if heavy lenses such as the Noctilux are used frequently.
Thumbs Up CSEP-1S  ("cold shoe") models 
If you often use accessories requiring a cold shoe, such as an external viewfinder, then a Thumbs Up CSEP-1S or Thumbs Up CSEP-4 is for you. These have a cold shoes. Thumbs Up CSEP-4 is our most advanced grip, and has two cold shoes.
Thumbs Up EP ("ergonomic profile") models 
Our original Thumbs Up 1 and 3 grips have had glowing reviews – "We use our Leicas heavily for producing content for newspapers and magazines ... the results with the Thumbs Up are nothing short of spectacular" (Gus Maurizio) is typical. But we never rest on our laurels, and our own research and feedback from satisfied customers led to the development of Thumbs Up CSEP-1S and EP-1S and EP-3S models.
Thumbs Up EP-1S, has no cold shoe, and is ideal for those who don't use external viewfinders or other shoe accessories often or who prefer a small, compact grip.
Thumbs Up EP-10S, has no cold shoe, and is ideal for those who don't use external viewfinders or other shoe accessories often or who prefer a small, compact grip. The EP-10S is designed exclusively for the Leica M type 240.

Thumbs Up CSEP-1S incorporates a cold shoe, for those who frequently use external viewfinders and the like.
Thumbs Up CSEP-2 is similar to Thumbs Up CSEP-1S but is designed exclusively for the Leica X1 camera and can be used on the Fuji X100.
Thumbs Up EP-8S is for use on the Leica X2 camera.
Thumbs Up CSEP-4S has two cold shoes, with the second shoe perfectly placed for an external viewfinder – unlike using the central cold shoe, moving your eye between the external viewfinder and the camera's is effortless, and the two views match perfectly.