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Thumbs Up CSEP-1S Leica
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Beep - Boop - Bip - Bug
MAGS 1.45xD and 1.25x
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You have found the right place for Thumbs Up
Match Technical is the originator of the Thumbs Up.
Our designs have been in production since 2007 and include:
Coder Kit, E-Clypse EyeCup and Magnifiers and specialty soft release and of course  our many models of Thumbs Up.

The menu to the left will direct you to our products pages.

Above: Leica SL with Thumbs Up EP-SL

Above: Leica Q with Thumbs Up EP-SQ

Above:   Bamdad Espahbod's Leica M240 with Thumbs Up EP-10S  

Above: Poland's Marek Łańcucki sent this image of his Monochrom and Leica M9P each with Thumbs Up EP-1S
The cameras are displayed over an image by Polish photograher Tomasz Gudzowaty from his 'Sports' publication
Above:    Kristian Dowling's MM9 Monochrom with Thumbs Up EP-1S

Above: Fuij X-Pro 2 with Thumbs Up EP-XP2

 Above: Sony RX1RII with Thumbs Up EP-1R2


 Above: Peter Walkers Fuji X-E2 with Opera Act 1 soft release and the Thumbs Up EP-9S
 Above:    Thumbs Up-EP-1S on the Leica M9
Above:  Thumbs Up EP-2S for the Fuji X-100  and X-100S 

Above:     Thumbs Up EP-6S for the Fuji X-10 and Fuji X-20 


Above:Thumbs Up EP-7S on the Fuji X-Pro 1   



Above:Thumbs Up EP-9S on the Fuji X-E1



Above:        Wendell Phillips       M4 with TU-CSEP-1
There is a good reason your Thumbs Up is made of brass;
to last as long as your Leica
Above:    Ming Lee's gorgeous M9-P with Thumbs Up CSEP-1S and Gold Dragon Boop
Above:    Kristian Dowling's M9-P with Thumbs Up EP-1 in Silver
 Above:    Douglas Nelson's M9 with Thumbs Up EP-1S and Fish Boop  See his work here.
Above:   Geir Torkehagen's M9-P with Thumbs Up CSEP-1S and Black Beep
Above:        Kristian Dowling's Monochrom and Thumbs Up EP-1S
Above:    Fuji X10 with Thumbs Up EP-5S in black and Opera Act 2 Courtesy of AV Camera 

Above:    Fuji X-10 with Thumbs Up EP-6S and Yellow Bug
Above:     Stephen Faustsent this image of his Fuji X100 with Thumbs Up EP-5S and Red Bip
Above:   Gary Perlmutter's Fuji X100 with Thumbs Up EP-5S in silver
Above: Thumbs Up EP-5S Black for the Fuji X100, one of our CAD design images
We thoroughly duplicate each camera with CAD before designing your Thumbs Up

Jean-Marc Ferriere's M8 with a Thumbs Up model 3, Boop

and a Nikkor 200mm PL and an E-Clypse Mag 1.25X 34mm

Opera Act 1 on the Leica M9 with Thumbs Up CSEP-1 
This M9 one of our CAD 3D models used for making the final design or the Thumbs Up
Above:  Kristian Dowlingprovided thie image of his M9-P with Thumbs Up EP-1 Silver and Black Bip
Above:   Denis Santos'  M9 with Thumbs Up EP-1S Silver and a Red Bug
    Wei Wang of Cupertino California provided this image of his M9 with a Dragon Boop and the Thumbs Up EP-1 in matching steel grey.
Above: Bill Morgan's Fuji X10 with Red Bug
Above: the Thumbs Up EP-5S for the Fuji X100 with Red Bug & White Bug; one of our 3D CAD design images
Above: the Thumbs Up EP-5S for the Fuji X100
one of our 3D CAD design images
Above: Thumbs Up CSEP-2 set up on the Fuji X100 with Orange Bug
one of our 3D CAD design images and Tim's dog Xiao Bai
Above:  Torsten Gauls Leica X1 with TU-CSEP-2
Above: Gary Nylander'sLeica III with TU-CSEP-2, soon to be nickel plated
Andy Hearn's Nikon FE and Red Bug on high alert
Larry Field's Fuji X10 with Thumbs Up EP-5S in black with a black BOP
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matchTechnical Services designs, develops and produces photographic accessories for the Leica M rangefinder – with particular emphasis on the digital models (Leica M8, M8-2, and M9 and M9-P).
Tim Isaac, our chief designer, has been creating original design solutions to meet numerous challenging projects that span 30 years. He is well versed in creating designs that meet the demanding constraints of ergonomics, production efficiency, and esthetics.

matchTechnical Services'innovative designs for the camera accessory market have won the praises of professional photographers and camera experts from around the world. For example, Thumbs Up has been positively reviewed in Viewfinder(the journal of the Leica Historical Society of America) and Leica Fotografie International. Phil Askey of in his Leica M9 Hands-on Preview was also very impressed with Thumbs Up. The Luminous Landscape's Michael Reichmann describes Thumbs Up as "a purchase you won't regret for a second" in An M9 in Paris – A Field Review
, and as "an invaluable and essential tool" on SteveHuff Photo.     

La Vida Leica! has reviewed with fine detail, our Bugs and Bops and also our Thumbs Up.
Tim has been awarded both Utility and Design patents in the USA and other countries, so it comes as no surprise that our products such as Thumbs Up are finding both critical praise and loyal consumers.
Explore our website and discover accessories to enhance your Leica M experience...