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"I think this has been the best part of the development of Thumbs Up: engaging with the customers directly. They have become my worldwide R & D."
Tim Isaac

Here are links to some of the original online discussions, containing numerous comments made since the very beginning of the Thumbs Up project in April 2007:


• "M8- Gettin' a Grip on it" "Thumbs Up Mod. 1 - Fantastic"

L Camera Forum: "Thumbs Up"


And here are links to forum discussions on the Coder Kit:


RangefinderForum: "M8 Lenses: A 'secret' M-Coder Ring"

The dialog on our products continues today, and you are welcome to take part.
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• Coder Kit: echenique dot com
Thumbs Up

Hello Tim,


I just wanted to give some positive feedback to your 'Thumbs Up'  for the Leica X1.


Superb engineering and gives the X1 such a 'sold feel' without any 'bulkiness'.

It protects the shutter dial from accidental movement.

When used in conjunction with the 36mm viewfinder, the field of view is just as accurate and also reduces the obscured view when using the kiwi filter/hood adapter.


Many thanks for a great product and excellent packaging.


Andrew Harber


p.s.  there are no negative comments !




The EP-1 arrived today - very impressive little device, it immediately made my M9 feel like it was at home in my hand. Leica should have thought of this! Tim, I'm chuffed!
Stuart Carroll - New Zealand

I just wanted to let you know that I have now had the chance to make use of both models you kindly sent me and had the occasion to demonstrate Thumbs Up and the soft releases to the West European Managing Director of Leica, Stéphane Manara and Leica dealers at the Leica Salon evening in the Paris Photo exhibition centre.

A lot of admiration all round for your product!!!

I now consider that Thumbs Up is an indispensable addition not only to the digital crankless bodies but equally to the film models. I have tried them out on both and all of a sudden feel that I can securely hold the camera in one hand with no fear of it slipping out of my grip. Hearty congratulations on the design.

It is without question an ergonomically superior solution to handling the M9/M8 by comparison to the Leica offering of a grip. Not only is it aesthetically superior it looks as if it was always meant to be.
Derek Hudson, Paris

I love the Thumbs Up! The packaging alone is remarkable. The Bugs, not only do they put a smile on my face, but are a true improvement on the trigger.



Tim, I have been a very satisfied user of your Thumbs Up 3 for a number of years with my Leica M6 and now my M8.  I remember having to file down the piece that slid onto the hot shoe because it was too thick from an early batch.  I am leaving on a photo trip to Egypt this week and ordered a new CSEP-1 from Dale Photo.  I have been following your progress and the new one seems to be more ergonomic than the original design.  I have been very happy with your product and wanted to give you another vote of confidence by purchasing a new one.  I'm 

looking forward to using it later this week.   Thanks for making such  great and original products.

Richard Clompus        

Pone Vedra Beach, FL

I first got the TU from you and later the CS version. Both are outstanding products. They do make the handling of a Leica, in my case the M8, so much more fun. As it has been stated already by others I'd like to ditto the feeling that I can't imagine my M8 being naked / without the TU-CS. It has become such an essential part of my camera, I can't do without anymore. Bottomline is, by improving the handling it made me a better photographer!
Harald Benz
Gotta tell you the CS has revolutionized my handling of the M8. The increase in confidence in the hold, combined with a smoother first knuckle shutter activation has resulted in sharper pictures. It is truly the "missing link" for the M8.
Andy Aldridge
I took off my TU and immediately something felt wrong. So integral to my use of the M8 I forgot what it was like not to have it there. That is a real testimony to a well designed item, you only realize how good it is when it is no longer serving its function.
The "Thumbs Up CS" arrived in Canada last week It is beautifully made, and exquisitely presented! More importantly however, it works! It certainly makes the camera much more stable.
Andrew S
I am using Thumbs Up for my Leica MP since 2 months - it offers a considerable stability.
Fabian Schoen    
I’m in love with the handling so you could say that I’m happy with it. This is one of best product that I’ve seen for the M camera especially the M8.
Steve P
The Thumbs Up CS arrived today. It's BEAUTIFUL. Superbly engineered, milled and finished, it fits perfectly on my new M8. I have ordered a new Luigi case with a cutout for the Thumbs Up.
Brad H
Wow! Love the packaging. CS-1 works beautifully. Thanks a million.


Absolutely brilliant!
That's some job, very professional.
Why on earth didn’t I get a TU earlier, it is absolutely essential! It takes real care and creativity to manufacture an add on to the Leica M and improve upon its design philosophy, so really well done.
Tom Orchard    
Yowza!! - I don't know what impresses me the most - the product, or your CAD skills!
Aesthetically, I think your design is bang on the money - simple, elegant and functional (like a Leica M, in fact!) ... Great idea, great design ...
Thanks for the efficient way you do business and thanks for the Thumbs Up. Excellent, excellent product - my M8 feels just how I want it to now. I tried the Leica-made grip &, sadly, found it rather un-useable.
Brian B.
Tim, fantastic work! Simple and elegant, and a worthy addition to the camera.
It is an amazing piece of machining and corrects one of the few M8 shortcomings for sure.
It really works! The TU adds considerably to a sense of secure handling with the M8. I really like it and congratulate Tim on creating a truly fine product that makes my M8 just that much better!
Joe Mondello    
The Thumbs Up totally changes the ergonomics of the camera. I have my beloved M6 feel back. The finish is beautiful and the box itself a work of art. Thank you, Tim. Thank you.
I love it. Looks great, works great ... Job's a good un ... There are 2 kinds of M8 users: those with a Thumbs Up 1 and those with a Thumbs Up 3 ...
Andy Aitken, Seattle    
Just got it, it's beautiful ... and your packaging is one up on Apple's - lol. As a sculptor & industrial designer I believe he has a winner ... Thanks.
I want to thank Tim again for his creativity and dilligence ... I received my Model 3 (from China) within a week of ordering, and my first impressions are very positive! As Tim has suggested, using the Thumbs Up makes picking up and holding the M8 much more comfortable and secure. I often use heavier lenses (Noctilux, etc.), yet can still confidently handle the camera with one hand while using this combination.
Tony C.
Why is it always the simple inventions that make me feel like I should have thought of that?
I'm seriously impressed with the thing.
Has anyone remarked about the packaging? It's beautiful! Tim, you should be very proud of your creation and in how you executed it.
I am finding the TU to be very useful in terms of staying steadier over shots.
Keith Miles
I got my Thumbs Up Model 1 [the shorter one] two days ago, and had a chance to shoot in low light with it attached to the M8 last evening. Tim Isaac has done a wonderful job in executing a terrific idea.
I received mine, quickly from China to Amsterdam. It is still early, but already it is clear that it helps to keep stability with longer times/lenses.
We use our Leicas heavily for producing content for newspapers and magazines ... the results with the Thumbs Up are nothing short of spectacular. With a little practice, sharp pictures for editorial use ... at 1/2 sec exposures are easily obtainable (70% keepers).
Gus Maurizio
I've been using thumbs up model 1 on my camera for nearly 2 months and i won't go anywhere without it on my M8.
Finally my birthday present from my wife arrived five minutes ago - the thumbs-up 1. Mounted it on my M8 and it´s incredible what such a little piece can do. It´s a genius´ masterpiece! The M8 now really fits to my hand.
Coder Kit
It is better than expected, a very nice case and presentation. It was a pleasure to use. I was able to code my Leica lenses a well as a Voigtlander 75mm F2.5 Color Heliar.
Stuart L. Craig

Coder Kit: It's arrived - all lenses coded. Worked flawlessly!

Gordon Y.
I must say you have done an incredible job. The packaging is wonderful and professional, and the circular D-coder is fantastic. I am very impressed.
Lloyd Hitchings    
I received my Thumbs Up and coding kit today. Speedy delivery. I think I get things from Asia faster than NYC ... They are wonderful products and work so well ... The presentation is nifty and I think it must give each purchaser a little bit of pleasure upon receipt ... The M8 community is benefiting from both your talent and entrepreneurial expertise.
Gary Merideth    
I have to say you have outdone yourself yet again ... Once I got the hang of positioning it properly, the coder worked like a champ. This is the first time I have ever been able to "sharpie mark" a lens and have the sensor read it correctly. Life is good.
I successfully coded 3 Zeiss lenses using Tim's D-Coder kit and pen. I filled the lens mount screw hole with white nail polish first. Worked first try each time.
Roy Kaltschmidt    
It really eased my work with hand coding ... many times I get trouble in hand-coding the lenses, but now... I could code without any trouble 4 of my lenses in a minute! For the screws in the bayonet, simply cover them with Edding white, then code! It worked perfectly for my Zeiss 25 too and it has a screw exactly in the code place.
Maurizio Beucci    
I must say you have done an incredible job. The packaging is wonderful and professional, and the circular D-coder is fantastic. I am very impressed. You even included a fine tip marker! Brilliant.
Lloyd Hitchings    
I’m mighty, mighty impressed with the whole package, Tim. You’ve done a first rate job in creating a very easy to use, useful and appealing product. What’s more, it took just 4 days to make the journey from China to England! I successfully coded my 90 'cron AA and 35 'cron asph at the first attempt. Outstanding!
Picked up the well packed parcel from the post office -- brought it home and in under 10 minutes all 5 lenses are coded! cheers!
Jesse L    
Thanks so much for the design of the cold-shoe version of the Thumbs up model 1. It works perfectly for my needs ... Exactly what it needed. As always, great shipping, remarkable packaging, great communication from you.
Norm Snyder