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Thumbs Up EP-6S     for Fuji X-10 and Fuji X-20

Above: Fuji X-20 with Thumbs Up EP-6S Silver or Black image courtesy of AV Camera in Bangkok

  Above:   Ulf Hellerström of Sweden sent images of his Fuji X-10, Red Bop  and the Thumbs Up EP-6S 
For an introduction to our Thumbs Up grips and suggestions as to which model will suit you, see Thumbs Up - help.
Thumbs Up EP-6S is a design specifically for the Fuji X-10 and X-20 cameras. After some months with the Fuji X-10 and now the X-20 camera, we have produced a new design that only fits these two Fuji models. This was done to address the light weight and small body size of the Fuji X-10 and X-20 and to produce an ideal balance point. The Thumbs Up EP-6S is the result.
Thumbs Up EP-6S is a longer length than the popular Thumbs Up EP-5S, and includes our new ergonomic profile (hence the "EP" designation). The thumb rest is now angled at 16 degrees, and the new shape distributes the pressure from your thumb more uniformly. This refinement allows you to hold your camera securely, and with great comfort. The thumbs rest has the same larger profile found on our products designed for use with Leica cameras and feels very natural when holding the Fuji X-10 or Fuji-X-20.


Above:   Ulf Hellerström of Sweden sent images of his Fuji X-10, Red Bop  and the Thumbs Up EP-6S      


Thumbs Up EP-6S is CNC machined from solid brass billet, A silicon rubber insert provides a cushion between the camera body and your Thumbs Up EP-6S. This silicone rubber insert extends across the full length of the EP-6S and also serves to dampen vibrations.


Above:   Ulf Hellerström of Sweden sent images of his Fuji X-10, Red Bop  and the Thumbs Up EP-6S 
Thumbs Up EP-6S will also offer some protection to your camera display by preventing the display from touching some objects at the back of the camera.

Thumbs Up has been positively reviewed in Viewfinder(the journal of the Leica Historical Society of America) and Leica Fotografie International. Phil Askey of in his Leica M9 Hands-on Preview was also very impressed with Thumbs Up. The Luminous Landscape's Michael Reichmann describes Thumbs Up as "a purchase you won't regret for a second" in An M9 in Paris – A Field Review, and as "an invaluable and essential tool" on SteveHuff Photo. Our customers have also been enthusiastic (see our feedback page and