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Thumbs Up EP-1R2

Our new Thumbs Up design for the Sony RX1RII        

Now in our 9th year, match Technical now introduces the Thumbs Up EP-1R2 for use on the Sony RX1RII camera.
Simple, compact, and effective, Thumbs Up EP-1R2 is specifically fitted to the Sony RX1RII .  The Silicone Rubber inserts serve to dampen vibration, provide stable contact with the camera body and better protect the camera. 

The EP-1R2 Thumbs Up incorporates the well proven 22 degree beveled EP grip. This thumbs rest profile provides a most efficient shape for holding your Sony camera more securely and more comfortably. The special EP profile substantially reduces grip pressure points and helps reduce camera shake. An additional small thumb rest provides an alternative fit and feel. With the Thumbs Up EP-1R2 your Sony RX1RII will have the feeling of a larger camera but with the advantages of is compact size.
The Thumbs Up EP-1R2 provides a natural feeling and sense of security to your compact Sony. You can easily hold your Sony RX1RII securely with one hand without accidentally disturbing the position of the Auto Exposure Compensation dial,  Program Thumb Wheel or image Play Button.