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Thumbs Up EP-10S Ti
Available August 2015
Colors: Black Silver or clear coat only

Titanium is a challenging material to work with, and yet, with expertise machining and finishing, this material yields a superior form suitable from everything from medical applications to space travel. For those seeking the ultimate Thumbs Up, the EP-10S Titanium is now available. The new Thumbs Up EP-10S Ti is traditionally finished in black or silver baked enamel or in the bare Titanium finish.

The exceptional light weight of the Thumbs Up EP-10S Ti can be misleading. The strength is unrivaled and will certainly provide a lifetime of service to match that of your Leica. Design of our Titanium Thumbs Up incorporates our traditional inverted thumb rest set at a precise 23 degrees to conform naturally to the position of your thumb. This distributes your gripping pressure over a large area, nearly eliminating fatigue in your hand while substantially reducing camera shake. The function of the Thumbs Up will give you greater stability and confidence when composing and shooting. Thumbs Up will eliminate the need to ‘search’ for a comfortable grip of your camera and give you more time to make the shot. You can confidently reach out and take hold of your Leica with one hand using the Thumbs Up.