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Beep, Boop, Bip, Bop, Bug, Dragons, Operas and Fish

Note June 2014: 
We are closing out our orginal series soft release. See Our Purchase Page for special pricing

Leica Monochrom and Leica ME cameras require a shorter version of our soft release as the shutter button on these new cameras differs in its design when compared to the M9, M8 and older M cameras. Our soft release design is being updated to reflect this shorter thread found on the Leica ME and Leica Monochrom. Please indicate your camera model when ordering and we will be pleased to accommodate your request.

Above: Peter Walker's Fuji X-E2 with the Opera Act 1 soft release SOLD OUT and Thumbs Up EP-9S

Above: Monia Monia Danesi's Danesi's Fuji X-10, Red Bug and Italian Coffee

Gold Bugs  available now


Above: Opera Act 3 available now
Above: Opera Act 4 available in now


Our soft releases Beep, Boop, Bip and Bop complement our Thumbs Up grips perfectly. To reduce camera shake, some experts recommend gently squeezing the shutter release button. Unfortunately, the recessed design of many shutter releases makes squeezing off shots difficult. Beep, Boop, Bip and Bop screw into the shutter release button, thus raising it and overcoming the problem – allowing you to take hand-held shots at slower shutter speeds.
We also produce our soft releases with custom paint schemes in limited production runs, such as Bug, Beast, Sunflower, and Fish
– see "Special edition soft releases", below.
Our soft releases fit many makes and models of cameras. 
Please Note:
Leica Monochrom and Leica ME cameras require a shorter version of our soft release as the shutter button on these new cameras differs in its design when compared to the M9, M8 and older M cameras. Our soft release design is being updated to reflect this shorter thread found on the Leica ME and Leica Monochrom. Please indicate your camera model when ordering and we will be pleased to accomodate your request.

Above:  Gold Dragon on Red Boop, available now

Above:  Fish Boop

Above:  Satin Red Beep

Above: Gold Dragon Black Beep new and available now

Above: Our Logo Boop

Above:  Red Dragon Black Beep, its new

Above: Opera Act 1 protecting the entire kit....have fear!      SOLD OUT

Above: Opera Act 1 on the M9 with CSEP-1 steel grey     SOLD OUT
Above: Opera Act 2 now available
All brass with baked enamel and a menace to the unaware     SOLD OUT
Above:   Opera Act 2 SOLD OUT on alert with the M9 and Thumbs Up CSEP-1  
BIP and friends
Above:   Yellow Bug available now
Above:     Stefan Mai's Fuji X10 with an alert Orange Bug and Thumbs Up EP-5S  SOLD OUT
Above: Gold Bug on Fuji X-100


Above:   Long P. Vo    Fuji X-Pro-1 and Gold Dragon Boop

( this is the original gold dragon Boop and they are now out of production)



Andy Hearn's pair of Nikons FE and Red Bugs     SOLD OUT

Andy Hearn's Nikons F3, FE2 and Red Bugs...Bravo Bravo



Here's a White Bug on an Epson R-D1





Larry Field's  Fuji X10 with a black BOP and Thumbs Up-EP-5S





Bill Morgan's Fuji X10 with Red Bug     SOLD OUT



Panan Mahamongkol's Fuji X100 and Satin Red Boop  SOLD OUT
Mikael Tjemsland Originally his grandfather's Zorkii 4, now with Satin Red Boop  SOLD OUT



Above: Steve McEnroe's special black Fuji X100 and Thumbs Up EP-5S and Red Bop



Above:    Stephen Faust sent this image of his Fuji X100 and Red Bip  SOLD OUT




Thumbs Up CSEP-2 Black on the Fuji X100 with Orange Bug and Tim's pup, Xiao Bai, on the X100 display

This is a CAD 3 D model (except for the image of course)


What makes our soft releases special?
You might think that soft releases are simple products – but that's not the case. Here's why you should buy ours.

We use solid brass to make Beep, Boop, Bip and Bop, because it does not bind in threads and does not break easily – unlike some metals – eliminating the possibility of our soft releases jamming or snapping off in the shutter button.


Andy Hearn's Nikons FE and Red Bug

Beep, Boop, Bip and Bop are manufactured to very high tolerances using computer-controlled CNC machining – unlike some poorly made soft releases that we have seen with inaccurate threads made by stamping or casting, which can be so tight as to damage your camera or so loose that they soon become lost. Also, our soft releases are individually boxed after painting, keeping them in pristine condition until they reach you.

Another reason for making Beep, Boop, Bip and Bop from brass is so that we can coat them with thick, high-quality gloss paint. This is a time-consuming process, but one that while still hard-wearing, provides a warmer, more comfortable surface than stainless steel or anodized aluminum soft releases, which are left unpainted.


The profiles of Beep, Boop, Bip and Bop have been carefully designed to release the shutter button gently and smoothly as well as for comfort. The height of a domed convex profile and its curvature or the curve of a concave shape are crucial for the soft release to work correctly and minimize camera shake.


Our Boop with logo is available now

Boop has a dished (concave) profile, allowing you to gently press the shutter release button with the softer, padded part of your finger just before the finger tip. This is a gentler, more controlled motion than the usual downwards jab with the finger tip itself.

Available Now

Gloss Black and Satin Red are available without logo





Above: Red Dragon is now available in the Boop or Beep format





Michael La Grassa's M8 with Satin Red Beep and 34mm E-Clypse EyeCup


Beep and Bip
Beep and Bip have a domed (convex) profile. These can be pressed with your finger in the same way as Boop. But there is another technique that can be used with convex soft releases that reduces camera shake to the minimum – think of squeezing the trigger of a target pistol.
1. Control your breathing – take a breath, let it out, inhale normally, exhale a little until comfortable, then hold your breath.
2. Place your finger across the top of Beep or Bip so that the soft release is between your first and second joints – the exact position depends on the length of your finger and comfort.
3. Apply pressure to depress the shutter button partway (on the Leica M7 and M8, this is the point at which the exposure is locked in AE mode).
4. Continue squeezing gently until the shutter fires.
This technique may need a little practice, but, once mastered, it can allow you to hand hold your camera one stop slower by not only minimizing jerking (caused by pressing the shutter button too aggressively) but also by preventing flinching (a reflex caused by anticipating when the shutter will release) – if done properly, you will not be able to tell when the shutter will release, so you won't flinch.
Beep soft release:               

Bip mini soft release:





Our new Bop introduced August 2011 10mm diameter



Red Bop atop the Fuji X100  CAD Image 2011


Bop is a concave soft release, 10mm in diameter and available now in Satin Red and Silver, and Gloss Black


 Bug mini soft release (identical to Bip apart from the paint):




The difference between Beep and Bip
Why do we have two different sizes of convex soft releases – Beep (standard) and Bip (small)? First, some camera brands have a collar surrounding the shutter button that will foul our standard-sized soft releases, Beep and Boop (15.5 mm diameter) – Bip has a smaller diameter of 10 mm (note: Beep, Boop, and Bip will fit all Leica M models). Secondly, personal choice – for example, some people with small, thin fingers find Bip more comfortable than the larger Beep.
Fast and furious!
We've explained two ways to use soft releases, but there's a third. If you need to take a sequence of shots quickly, you often have to keep your finger on the shutter release button, owing to its small size. As our soft releases increase the size of the shutter button, all you need to do is tap Beep, Boop or Bip anywhere on its surface – no need to fumble for the shutter button!
Beep, Bip, Boop, and Bug on a Leica M8

Beep. Solid brass, 15.5 mm in diameter – the convex shape is perfect for wrapping your finger across the top:





Bip. Solid brass, 10 mm in diameter – the mini version of Beep, it provides the same height and convex shap. Bip available with our logo (as below) or all black – please indicate when ordering:



Boop. Solid brass, 15.5 mm in diameter – with a concave shape for those of who prefer to use the end of their finger to release the shutter:  BOOP with logo is available now




Special edition soft releases
Special editions of our soft releases are available with custom paint jobs. They have limited production runs, so if you want one, please order now!
Like all our soft releases, they are machined from solid brass and coated with tough, wear-resistant paint.


Bug. Identical to Bip but with a ladybug paint job:
Panan Mahamongkol's Fuji X100 and Red Bug
 Bugs are available in orange, white, silver, red and yellow: All colors are now in stock
Michael La Grassa's M6 with Silver Bug and 34mm E-Clypse 34mm EyeCup
Dragons. Our Dragon Beep and Dragon Boop. The Dragon is engraved through the black enamel down to the brass, then clear coated. Suwen Chee of Malaysia is credited with renaming this special pair or solid brass soft releases. 
Gold Dragons  are available now, April 2012.  You can specify black or red base with your gold dragon.
Above:  Wei Wang from Cupertino, California made this fine image of his M9 with a Gold Dragon on a Black Boop and Thumbs Up-EP-1 in matching steel grey  
Above:  Gold Dragons are available now in Boop and Beep shape.
Suwen Chee of Malaysia is credited with renaming this special pair or solid brass soft releases.
Above: Red Dragon is available in the Beep or Boop format

A limited production Boop depicting ornamental carp:

Beep Red. A satin-red Beep, no lettering – it's a strong statement for the simple Beep. Available in Gloss Black also:


Boop Red. Like the Beep, all satin red and kept simple. Available in Gloss Black also:



Bip Red. Now available. This is satin red Bip with no logo.





Michael La Grassa's M8 with Red Bip and E-Clypse EyeCup 34mm.

Note the MegaPearl Mag /adjustable  diopter attached to the E-Clypse EyeCup 

Above:      Dennis P. Peterson's Red Bug on the Fuji X-10....